I tweet about emerging forms of public interest media and related policy issues at @beyondbroadcast.

I took this Twitter account over in 2008, when I began co-organizing a series of conferences launched by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society in 2006. Designed to convene researchers, funders, policymakers and cutting-edge digital producers, Beyond Broadcast showcased emerging forms of participatory public media—from blogs, to interactive visualizations, to transmedia documentaries and more—with a goal of expanding support for this burgeoning sector.

The conference began at Harvard, and wended its way through MIT in 2007, American University (where I was a primary organizer) in 2009 and USC Annenberg (where I was a co-organizer) in 2009. In 2011, I co-organized a preconference at the International Communications Association meeting to share the findings from this conference series with a gathering of scholars from across the globe.

I’ve continued to use the Twitter account to keep an eye on news and storytelling futures. Follow me.